The campus has focused its activities on becoming a center of excellence in medical education, professional and personal development encompassing holistic medicine rather than traditional system. The noteworthy activities in this regard include:

  1. Continuous, incremental, individual research capacity building program that has won noteworthy recognition in national conferences and national research societies.

  2. Clinical Skill development program through the Clinical Skills Center has attracted large number of visiting dignitaries and appreciation in international medical educational forums; it has become a focus of research assignments for Postgraduates. 

  3. High altitude educational / adventure trips on yearly basis that generate medical and co- curricular data as a source of publication.

  4. Holding of and participating in the WHO health related days with positive impact on public awareness.

  5. Participation in co-curricular activities arranged by different leading national universities and institutions.

  6. Regular literary and sports activities leading to personal development.