Principal Message

The idea of RCAHS was conceived to meet the challenges of our health services. This is a progressive institute established to improve the quality of training imparted to the paramedical staff. The current days institutes were failing to deliver the quality of trained staff. Most of institutes that we come across have evolved primarily as educational institutes. RCAHS is on the other hand an evolving medical institute with a busy primary and in some areas a tertiary care hospital facility. The training of the paramedical staff is directly supervised by a trained and clinically oriented faculty. The students are encouraged to interact with these trained professionals and be educated in a congenial environment. This cordial and close environment of imparting education will improve the quality of education on one hand and the confidence of students to apply his newly acquired skills and techniques on the other hand.

Progressive environments of education like RMI RCAHS depend on the acceptability and receptiveness of the students to this dynamic system of education and training. The permissiness within the educational environment is designed to encourage expression of inner talent and to relieve the submissive behavior within a pupil. I am hopeful that our student will feel the difference in the techniques of education. The course will start with a steady flow of ideas and as they move along the course, the content will mature and strengthen.