Bazm e Adab

RCAHS | Bazm-e-Adab 2023

Rehman College of Allied Health Sciences (RCAHS) organised a two-day event, Bazm-e-Adab, on March 16-17, 2023. The event was a celebration of arts and culture, and featured competitions in art, qirat, naat, speech, and debate.

The event was inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the presence of senior faculty members and chief guests. Principal RMC Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Zaman, Principal RCAHS Prof. Dr. Jamil Ur Rehman, Director RCN Seelay Srak Rehman, Vice Principal RCRS Madiha Anees, and Dr. Tariq Mufti, Academic Advisor at RMI attended the event and appreciated the students' creativity, talent, and incredible work they had put out.

The art exhibition featured a wide variety of artwork, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography. The qirat competition was a showcase of the students' Quranic recitation skills, while the naat competition featured the students' renditions of Islamic poetry. The speech and debate competitions were both hotly contested, with the students displaying their knowledge and skills in these areas. The event was a great success, and it is hoped that it will become an annual tradition at RCAHS.